Innovative ideas to transform your finished basement

In a majority of homes, the basement acts as primarily as a storage room. As a homeowner if you have never thought of using your basement for any other function apart from storage, then some innovative remodeling tips will help you to think differently about your basement. Transforming the basement into something fresh and exciting is at the top of every homeowner’s wish list.
You must first let go of all the assumption that the basement is a storage area. Most homeowners have the idea that since the basement is a cold, isolated and dark room, then there is no better use for it other than turning it into a store. However, with a little innovation, the basement can be transformed into something magnificent. We have outlined some amazing basement remodeling ideas for homeowners to consider:
Guest Roombasement guestroom
Why not convert your cold and dark basement into a guest room? This is a great way to utilize the extra space that it offers. It allows you to comfortably accommodate your family and friends who are visiting from out of town. Remodeling the basement into a guest room means making it as comfortable as possible providing all the conveniences a guest would need. According to Powertec proper insulation and a fully functional HVAC system is critical for basement comfort. The remodeling design should also offer a nice retreat for your tired guests.

Gaming Room

Another excellent basement remodeling idea is to transform it into a gaming area. Your family and friends will definitely love this idea. Make the basement room come alive through painting the walls using vibrant colors and art to make the room lively and fun. The whole idea of a gaming room is pure fun, the place must look thrilling. Furnish the room with most durable and comfortable furniture. Then install all kinds of fun games and entertainment including video games, pool table, dart board, foosball table etc. Nothing completes a game room like a tiny bar. All your friends and family will be dying to have a cool experience at your basement.
Gymworkout basement
Ever thought of having a gym right at home? Well, you can turn your isolated and neglected basement into a gym. A gym in your basement is a great addition that will help you and your family member stay healthy and in good shape. Now you can have adequate space to keep all the workout equipment without negatively affecting your home space. If you are particularly concerned about losing a few pounds, staying in shape and healthy then you will love the idea of remodeling your basement into a gym.
Playroombasement playroom
For those with kids, the basement can make an ideal playroom for children. You can redesign to be as fun as possible for the children to enjoy. There is so much you could depending on your budget and needs, but ultimate thing is that the kids have their own space to play and be creative.
These cool basement remodeling ideas will transform your basement into the most livable, functional and fun space in the entire home.


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Energy Efficient Home Improvements

home-1The upside of keeping homes energy efficient just keeps going. There is a clear value in the long run, that’s why. According to a UCLA study the sales price on houses on the sales block get a 9% higher price tag. The study was done among 1.6 million homes from 2007 up in varied California areas. These houses have Energy star  qualifications.

Amongst homebuyers, it is the same. Nine of out 10 consumers prefer energy efficient homes as it spells lower bills on utilities even if less efficient homes are priced 2% cheaper.

Take the fireplace for example. By turning to a gas one as against a wood burning option, the savings on energy use is big. It is one energy saving home improvement project worth looking into without sacrificing its use and your enjoyment.The energy replacement reaches 77% compare with wood burning ones which only has 15% of wood’s energy converted to useful heat.

Thus, when it comes to selling your unit, more than a third of prospects will most likely be looking for a gas fireplace.This accounts for 39% of homebuyers seeking a gas fireplace as desirable feature for their next house purchase.

Apart from reduced heating costs, a gas fireplace saves you on the dollars by replicating the ambience of a wood type yet easily maintained than the other option. Quick fixes save you more than half a thousand dollars per year.

Space storage is also another home improvement area which helps you a lot with your personal energy, that is.

There is a clear value in storage and built in organization options. As your lifestyle changes, or your homeimprovement (1)family grows bigger so do your storage needs. It gets  bigger as it varies in priorities.

If you have become fitness conscious, where do you put your equipment, your bike maybe? If your family has a growing kid inside, then so do the room needs and storage for toys to bigger school stuff and so forth.


Adding storage then becomes a no-brainer.

Few examples would be to open drywall creates storage on walls. In your garage, you may want to install a hanging platform storage. The space under the stairs are also good storage options. It used to be very unused before but as you get smarter in its use, then all the benefit will be yours.
An option for the outdoors this time, is the use of strategically placed light fixtures.

Putting a shine in your evenings is made by setting up exterior lighting. You can likewise accent any features or what you like about your house. Landscapes are highlighted or gazebos. A plus factor is to keep burglars at bay. The cost will just run from $150 to $250 if you hand wire your lighting. To mention back, if you use security features in your homes you even get a lower homeowner’s insurance. So why not take it into close consideration?

With solar technology heavily advancing, not to forget getting cheaper as well, it is now cost effective to boost the outdoor lighting. Given that,you get the best of both options of making the surroundings more prodPgCTA_homeRepairappealing but you get to save up in return.

Outdoor lighting is on the list of desired home features for 90% buyers who are scouting for their next purchase.

We suggest that accent lights be placed under trees to highlight a favored one. Lights can be put on a timer so you don’t waste energy running them on daytime. Warm lights make the home look and feel very cozy and welcoming.

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